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How to Prevent Erosion in your Yard

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Is your yard on a slope? Then topsoil erosion is likely a problem. Ground deterioration can be caused by rainfall and wind traveling down the incline in your yard. Signs of erosion include exposed roots, gutted out areas on the lawn, or puddles of swampy sections. Fortunately, there are several methods to prevent this from happening. Make sure to assess the problem carefully before deciding on the solution. Prevention begins with control methods that are determined by the depth and severity of the issue. By using one or several prevention methods, you will keep your yard healthy while offering plants and trees a place to grow and flourish.  The most common, and possibly the easiest, way to battle an eroding yard is to plant flowers or trees in the area affected. These plants act as a shield, lessening the impact of rainfall, over-watering, and wind that wear away at the soil. Plants and trees also help stabilize the dirt by putting in roots that anchor it and soak up excess water. Wild flowers work well to blanket an area prone to soil erosion, as do herbs or a line of shrubbery. Keep in mind that creeping, crawling cover plants are better that ones that simply grow upwards. Plants are especially beneficial in preventing erosion on slopes or shorelines. Terracing is a great option to prevent soil erosion as well.  When you terrace a slope, you level off steep sections of the hill to make several flat areas. A terrace allows the water to be absorbed in the flat areas, where plants are usually growing, instead of flowing downward. While it can be time consuming, this is one of the best methods to fix problems with your soil wearing away.

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