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Why You Should Let TLL Plant Rye Grass in Your Yard

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Rye grasses are the most widely grown cool- season grasses in the world. They have numerous agronomic qualities. They establish rapidly, have a long growing season, are high yielding under favorable environments when supplied with adequate nutrients, and possess high nutrient contents. Rye grasses grow best on fertile, well-drained soils, but can also grow on soils that are extremely wet at certain times of the year. They are heavy users of water, so be sure to keep your lawn watered well. Even though rye grass is indigenous to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, it is grown worldwide. It is considered to be high quality forage and their high digestibility makes them suitable for any pet owner who is worried about their pet ingesting grass in their yard.

Not only am I a T.L.L employee, but I am also a T.L.L client. I had T.L.L plant rye grass in my yard, and I couldn't be more happy with it. It looks fresh, lush, and beautiful. My yard definitely stands out in my neighborhood for all the right reasons.

Have T.L.L plant rye grass in your yard TODAY!

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