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Spring is here and the heat has begun

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April is one of the driest months here in Tallahassee.  Those winter temperatures are in the rear view mirror, the temps are rising and there is no rain in the forecast for at least the short term.  Meterologists are debating the El Nino/ La Nina effect and which one will develop later in the year.  These weather phenomenons determine the number and severity of Atlantic basin hurricanes.

It's time to check on your lawn:

Lawn insects: Rule out cultural problems, such as lack of water,or too much water, that resemble insect damage before applying a pesticide.

New growth is showing up on local turf grass and NOW is the time to fertilize. We can do this for you, just give the office a call. 850-508-7951

Planning ahead: Whether we have lots of rain or just a little, mulch can make a big difference in the health of your plants. Add mulch to minimize weeds and conserve moisture during dry weather. Organic mulches break down and add nutrients to the soil. Good mulch choices for our area are pine straw, cypress or cedar chips.

If you are mowing your lawn, set your mower as we have set ours which is towards the higher side. Remember to never set you mower so low that you remove most of the vegetative growth of your lawn. That’s called scalping. Let’s leave that to the Seminole athletic teams.


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