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Commercial Lawn Care – Disease Control

Your facility is surrounded by an attractive landscape. This includes the lawn. Keeping it healthy is important, but can be tricky. One of the reasons is because grass is prone to a variety of diseases which can be difficult to diagnose.

Because it is not possible to examine the pathogens that actually cause grass to become diseased, the symptoms need to be identified. It’s essential to have a trained professional make the diagnosis. Otherwise, the wrong treatment may be initiated which could make matters worse.

Our team at Tallahassee Lawn & Landscapes has been, and continues to be trained in grass disease control. We examine the symptoms and take the weather and stress factors into consideration to determine if and what the disease is. We then recommend treatment options.

The common symptoms of grass disease that can be observed are circular areas (which may be small or large) of grass that aren’t uniformly green, and “spots” on the leaves. However, grass may look diseased but may actually result from other factors such as mowing too short or improper watering.

Tallahassee Lawn & Landscapes can help prevent grass disease.

The best way to prevent grass diseases is to properly maintain the lawn. Tallahassee Lawn & Landscapes offers lawn maintenance services which include inspections for grass disease. Another part of our services includes aeration which is a preventative for many diseases.

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